Under 16 – 2022 Results

2022 End of Season Record (10-2).

The Dolphins have completed their best season ever with record of 10-2.

They had a successful first tournament at Swindon grabbing all 3 wins, which was a first ever for the club.

At the second tournament at home the Dolphins took wins against the Salisbury Marauder and Berkshire Renegades, but fell to the Solent Seahawks.

In their third tournament at Oxford the Dolphins once again grabbed all 3 wins, beating Somerset Wyverns, Swindon Storm and the Oxford Saints.

The last tournament on the 18th June at the Wyverns would could see the Dolphin clinch a potential finals place ifthey win all three of their games. This include a win against the Solent Seahawks.

The Dolphins started off with a 28-6 win over the Wyverns. The Dolphins then had a “win and in” game versus the Seahawks. Both teams started strong with both team scoring and playing strong defence. At the half the Dolphins were trailing 14-12. As the second half continued the Seahawks maintained a 8-10 point lead deep into the half. The Dolphins started to take risks to gain extra possessions to try and get back into the game. Unfortunitely the risks didn’t pay off and the Dolphins conceeded 3 late touchdowns unltimately losing the game and thus not making the finals. It was a bitter pill to swallow for the players who had put into so much effort throughout the season to get to this point. The last game saw a lot of the younger players take to the field against the Salisbury City Marauders. The Dolphins won that game 25-6 ending the season with a win and a 10-2 record.

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