Under 16 – Tournament 4 – 2021

The Poole Dolphins travelled to Taunton for their 4th and final tournament of 2021.

They one again played the Wyverns, Seahawks and Marauders.

The Dolphins played the Taunton Wyverns first. Two early safeties given up by both teams through bad snap. The game remained at 2-2 until near the break the Dolphins scored making the score 8-2 at the half.

After a hard-fought 2nd half where both teams moved the ball, but stalled; the Wyverns scored. They set up for a game winning extra point, but they to convert after a great pass defelection by Brandon Hobley.

The game ended as a tie at 8-8.

Game two the Dolphins face division champions the Solent Seahawks. Again, with a lot of experience the Seahawk set out a lead of 19-0.

The Dolphins scored at the start of the 2nd half and looked to start a comeback. However, the Dolphins failed to capitalise on a fumble by Solent and after a late touchdown by the Seahawks the Dolphins fell to a 25-6 loss.

The third and final game of the 2021 season was against the Marauders who have played well all season with using their running QB to great effect. The Dolphins held the Marauders very well in the first. The Dolphins offence struggled to move the ball with the Marauder defence playing very well and sticking to their game plan. The Dolphins conceded two touchdowns late in the first half going into the break 12-0 down.

The second half Dolphins again struggled against a stout Marauders defence, but also stopped the progress of the Marauders. Late on the half the Marauders QB attempted to run with the ball before throwing it before being hit. The ball was thrown straight to the stand nose tackle Ryan Beere #17 how took the grab and ran 35 yards back for a pick six.

The Marauders completed a late deep pass that set them up for a late touchdown and extra point ending the game 19-7 to the Marauders.

The Highlight of the tournament.

Ryan Beere #17 stepping in at nose tackle and getting himself a PICK SIX !!!

The Dolphins ended the 2021 season 1-1-10.

Although the results don’t show it the Dolphins progressed very well throughout the season making games strides and learning. Games became tighter and at stages the Dolphins too leads in some later tournaments games.

The Dolphins aim to build on experience gained taking it into the 2022 season.

Rookie Days are to be announced shortly.